The training continues …

Trying to make the most of my week off.
Third day of walking today, this time with a bit of human company – my wife and youngest daughter.

Following a recommendation from a member of the congregation at St Denys, we decided to walk from Market Harborough along the old railway line towards Northampton.   We couldn’t manage the whole 17 miles but I think we probably walked a good 6 or 7 and the feet are bearing up well!

It was especially good to come across the Waterloo Farm Leisure complex when it started raining.  A lovely fried breakfast complete with black pudding certainly helped to keep me going!

The Oxendon Tunnel was fun to explore once I’d located the torch app on my phone!  I love this picture of the light at the end of the tunnel with the water trickling through … I like that it’s egg-shaped too!


Author: walk4andy

I am a (just!) 40 year old vicar in Leicester. My brother Andy Lees died in 2013 aged 38 just three months after my father. They both suffered from Von Hippel Lindau syndrome, a genetic form of cancer. This May I am walking Hadrian's Wall to raise money for VHL UK/Ireland.

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