Tread softly

It has to be said that I am a bit heavy on my feet and wear out my shoes more quickly than I can afford!  I am trying to go a bit more gently on my fantastically comfortable and light Berghaus walking boots.

Being back at work this week means less time for practice walks.  But this is where I’m grateful for my faithful companion Rolo, without whom I would be even more of a couch potato and workaholic!




I am also thankful for the beautiful part of Leicester in which I am blessed to live with the stunning Shady Lane arboretum and Piggy’s Hollow on my doorstep.  On a bright clear morning like yesterday it is such a joy to see, the bluebells and other spring flowers beginning to sprout.

I’ve no idea what the weather will be like up on Hadrian’s Wall – probably a bit mixed I imagine.  But I do know that there will be equally stunning scenery to enjoy.

While I am getting some fresh air up on the Wall, I am delighted and touched by the support that will be here for me at St Denys in Evington.  My colleagues have organised a number of walks as well as lots of prayer.  In the arboretum there will be a Walk with Wonder and a Welly Walk for young families.  These are things we do regularly now as part of our move towards Eco Church status, inspired by the Gold Award holders at St Catherine’s Church, Burbage who came to speak to our Annual Meeting last night.

‘Tread softly, all the earth is holy ground’ wrote Christina Rossetti and I’m reminded of those words every time I go out for a walk at the moment.  They seem particularly apt in this Easter season:

Tread softly! all the earth is holy ground.
It may be, could we look with seeing eyes,
This spot we stand on is a Paradise
Where dead have come to life and lost been found.

Treading softly isn’t only good advice for those of us who are a bit heavy on our feet, it’s good advice for all of us as we reflect on our impact on the world around us.  I need to beware, lest I trample roughshod over those fragile new shoots with my size 8 Berghaus boots!


Author: walk4andy

I am a (just!) 40 year old vicar in Leicester. My brother Andy Lees died in 2013 aged 38 just three months after my father. They both suffered from Von Hippel Lindau syndrome, a genetic form of cancer. This May I am walking Hadrian's Wall to raise money for VHL UK/Ireland.

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