Food glorious food!

Andy loved his food.  Here he is back in his twenties enjoying a barbecue in the back garden:


Andy liked all sorts of food and wasn’t afraid to try new things.  He loved hot spicy curries and chilli as well as steaks and bacon sarnies.  I don’t think he could ever have been a vegetarian!

I’m looking forward to walking from Evington to Mountsorrel next Saturday to enjoy a bacon sandwich and a piece of chocolate cake in his memory with his friends at Christ Church.

Image result for bacon sandwichWhat I noticed about Andy’s love of food was that it wasn’t just about the eating.  He really enjoyed the preparing and he was good at it, certainly better than me!  I think if things had worked out differently he could have made a living out of it or even made it through to Masterchef.

Andy knew the satisfaction that came from a job well done and I think enjoyed his food all the more for having cooked it up himself.  He found he could exercise his God-given creativity in cooking in a way I never have.  (As a teenager I once fed my family French onion soup but forgot to adjust down the quantities of wine given in the recipe – I think they enjoyed it anyway!)

Now I have a love/hate relationship with food.  Much as I love eating it, I hate having to try to count everything to calculate how much insulin to take.  It means that packaged food is easier than cooking yourself or eating out.  You can just read what it says on the label!

But I think Andy understood that food was about much more than calories or carbohydrates.  It can involve great creativity and skill, as well as fun and fellowship.  Maybe I need to put on my apron and get into the kitchen a bit more!



Author: walk4andy

I am a (just!) 40 year old vicar in Leicester. My brother Andy Lees died in 2013 aged 38 just three months after my father. They both suffered from Von Hippel Lindau syndrome, a genetic form of cancer. This May I am walking Hadrian's Wall to raise money for VHL UK/Ireland.

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